Get the facts on the nature of substance abuse and its root causes.

Addiction is a disease, not a moral failing

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Being part of the Evansville community binds us together. The Task Force supports the vitality of this community by helping everyone acknowledge, understand, and more effectively address the problem of substance abuse.

Knowledge – Solutions begin with everyone recognizing and understanding the nature of substance abuse and its root causes.

These resources can help explain the nature of substance abuse and its relation to mental health. You will also find links to resources available in our community as well as tips for identifying drug activity in your neighborhood.

Disclaimer: The Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force does not endorse any one method or approach to treatment and recovery over another. We hope that the information and resources we provide will help individuals and families make the decisions that are best for them.

Access Community Resources

Video Gallery

Youth First, Inc.

A Child’s Heart

Learn what is often at the heart of substance abuse and how Youth First Social Workers and prevention programs help reduce the risks.

Mayor's No Meth Task Force

PSA - Evansville's Meth Suppression Unit

Learn about Evansville’s Meth Suppression Unit

Mayor's No Meth Task Force

PSA - What's a Meth Lab?

Learn how to spot signs of a meth lab


St. Vincent Evansville Behavioral Health Services

This is a brief document that describes St. Vincent’s philosophy of care and where on our webpage you can go to learn more about our behavioral health services.

Naloxone Rescue Kits and Opioid Overdose Reversal Training Available

Vanderburgh County residents can obtain a free naloxone rescue kit and opioid overdose reversal training from the Vanderburgh County Health Department, Deaconess Cross Pointe, and Stepping Stone-Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare. Please read this document to learn more.

Local Health Services

A 2014 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) report, an estimated 43.6 million (18.1%) Americans ages 18 and up experienced some form of mental illness. In the past year, 20.2 million adults (8.4%) had a substance use disorder. Of these, 7.9 million people had both a mental disorder and substance use disorder, also known as co-occurring mental and substance use disorders. (2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH)

Here are some local resources that can help you learn more about behavioral health and substance abuse topics. These resources are from organizations that are part of the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force, and the links will take you to the community member’s website.

Contact Us:

812-485-4000 or


Behavioral Health Services

Sometimes people face challenges that become overwhelming. St. Vincent offers a variety of behavioral health services to help you live a well-rounded, fulfilling life. Please go to to learn about the all the behavioral health resources that are available at St. Vincent Evansville.

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Health Department Information

The Vanderburgh County Health Department cares about the community’s health and realizes the importance of prevention and early detection. Poor lifestyle habits such as unbalanced diet, cigarette smoking, lack of proper exercise, and excessive stress, are all prominent risk factors for the leading causes of death in the United States.

Through education, prevention, and changes in lifestyles, however, individuals have the capability to enhance their well-being. Our goal in health education is to educate, enhance, and motivate individuals to strive for optimal health. Presentations and consultations on a variety of topics can be scheduled for any school, workplace, church, organization, club or group in Vanderburgh County.

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What Parents need to know

Parents have the power to prevent underage drinking and youth substance abuse by talking to their children early and often about the dangers. "Talk. They Hear You." is a national campaign that includes videos and an app to help parents develop their talking points. Learn more here.

Nearly every parent wants the best for their children. They try to love, guide, and nurture, but still, too many young people make the decision to experiment with alcohol and other drugs, and some will become addicted. So what's a parent to do? Visit Youth First's website to read this helpful article.

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Call for assessment 24/7

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Janie Chappell:

Cross Pointe Community Services

Deaconess Cross Pointe offers a speakers’ bureau with speakers on a variety of topics. These topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Substance Use and Abuse,
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training for employers on recognizing substance use and abuse,
  • The Relationship Between Substance Use and Abuse and Suicide.

Strengthening Our Community
Deaconess Cross Pointe is committed to improving the well-being of members of the community. To achieve this goal, we offer programs that provide support directly to individuals who need assistance, and we sponsor events that allow community members to help others in need.

Suicide prevention, awareness and education
Deaconess Cross Pointe offers suicide awareness and education programs for community members from teens through adults. Programs are offered at no cost as a community service.

Speakers' Bureau
Deaconess Cross Pointe offers the community a Speakers' Bureau that includes health professionals who can speak to groups about a variety of mental health and addiction-related topics.

  • Stress management
  • Burnout
  • Anger management
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Chemical dependency
  • Depression
  • Suicide prevention, awareness and education
  • Other topics as requested

Behavioral Health Resources
Information and resources for patients who want to learn more about their illness and for their loved ones who want to help.

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This line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A Spectrum of Behavioral Health Services, Addiction Services, and Community Programs

Stepping Stone offers a full continuum of services for addictions and co-occurring mental illness under one roof.

Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare provides Addiction Services, Adult Services, as well as Child, Adolescent, and Family Services.

Access Additional Resources Online

Access more helpful information about substance abuse from these online resources. These links will take you to an external website.

Video Resource

What is Addiction?

From the Addiction Policy Forum

The Addiction Policy Forum reports "Addiction, also called a substance use disorder, is a 'chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences (NIDA, 2014).'"

"Over 21 million people suffer from addiction in the United States – that’s 1 in 7 people. On average, we lose 144 people a day to drug overdoses and that number climbs to 375 if you factor in alcohol-related deaths."

Read more at: NIDA. (2014, July 1). Drugs, Brains, and Behavior: The Science of Addiction. Retrieved from on 2017, July 7

The Next Level

Gov. Eric Holcomb has launched Indiana’s Next Level Recovery website, which serves as an online resource for Hoosiers that addresses the opioid crisis in our state. Next Level Recovery offers ever-evolving information on Indiana’s opioid battle to emergency personnel, community leaders, law enforcement officials and healthcare professionals, as well as those struggling with substance abuse disorders and their families. The website includes data on opioid abuse prevention, treatment and enforcement; information on state initiatives; and ways for Hoosiers and employers to get involved.

Indiana lawmakers are working hard to combat the drug epidemic in our state, and we hope to see this resource have a positive impact on our efforts.

For more information or to visit the site, click here.

Video Resource

Power To Parent

Power to Parent describes itself as, "a website and media campaign designed to help parents keep their teens healthy and safe." Parents will find a lot of helpful information and tips on the Power to Parent website.

Power to Parent developed Hidden in Plain Sight, a traveling educational exhibit of a teen’s bedroom designed to help educate parents about the places kids can hide drugs, drug paraphernalia and other contraband. This exhibit is coming to Evansville on Oct. 7, 2017. Check out our events page for more information.

News and Information about Opioid Abuse

Want more information on news about addiction and overdose deaths attributed to opioids? Check out these resources from FED UP!

The Substance Abuse Council

As stated on the The Substance Abuse Council of Vanderburgh County’s website, it was incorporated in 1995, and in 1996 became a 501C3, non-profit organization. The Council is mandated by the Governor’s Commission to provide funding in three categories: Treatment/Intervention, Prevention/Education, and Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice. Learn more about the Council’s work at their website.

Indiana Department of Environment Management

Learn more about meth reporting and decontamination processes from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

More National Resources