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About Us

Mayor's Substance Abuse Task Force (MSATF) Mission and Goals

Evansville's vibrant culture and industrial strength come together to create a place where everyone can succeed.

Our Mission: The mission of the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force is to engage the Evansville community in working together to promote substance abuse awareness, education, prevention, and treatment.

Our Goals

  1. Help the community acknowledge, understand, and effectively address the problem of substance abuse.
  2. Promote effective prevention strategies and programs.
  3. Help people access treatment and recovery options.

Our History

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke

Portrait of Mayor Lloyd Winnecke

Evansville is a wonderful community, and the majority of people in this area are healthy, law abiding citizens. However, we are faced with some complex problems that don’t have quick or easy solutions. One of those problems is substance abuse. In 2012, I launched the Mayor’s No Meth Task Force to address the consequences of methamphetamine production and addiction. Since then, the number of meth lab seizures has decreased dramatically. However, Evansville, like many other cities across the country, has seen an evolution in drug use from meth to other substances, including opioids. Alcohol abuse also continues to be a problem among citizens of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. In early 2017, I directed the No Meth Task Force to expand its mission and focus beyond just meth, and the group renamed itself the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force.

Our Members

The Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force (MSATF) includes representatives from these organizations:

About exemplifies our community’s compassion, commitment, and ability to address the reality of substance abuse causes and effects. Individuals from elected offices, hospitals, private care facilities, public services, non-government organizations, higher education, and families facing substance use disorders worked together to bring this information to a community we all love. Evansville is a vibrant, diverse community and a great place to live. We want everyone in southwest Indiana to know that we are addressing substance use disorders and behavioral health issues as a community in a positive, proactive way to ensure "e" is for everyone. Select the "e is for everyone" logo for additional information about our community.

Hear About Our Mission


MSATF Announces New Mission and Website

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke held a news conference to announce the renamed Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force (formerly the Mayor’s No Meth Task Force), and its expanded mission and new website.

Past MSATF News Stories

Mayor and Task Force Members Meet with Jim McClelland, Indiana’s Executive Director for Drug Prevention, Treatment, and Enforcement for the State of Indiana

On March 21, 2018, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and members of the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force met with Indiana drug czar Jim McClelland for an update on Indiana Next Level Recovery and to discuss local drug prevention, treatment and recovery efforts.

Jim McClelland at a meeting with the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force.

Jim McClelland talking with the Mayor and the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force.

Jim McClelland, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, and members of the MSATF at their meeting

Jim McClelland, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, and members of the MSATF

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force Met with Community Members at The March 28 Travelling Town Hall at Fairlawn United Methodist Church

Dr. William Wooten and other members of the Task Force shared updates on the group’s work. You can learn more about the event from the coverage provided by 44 News, WEHT and WTVW Eyewitness news, Wave3 News, and 14 News.

Learn More About Our History


Mayor Winnecke’s No Meth Task Force

Learn more about the purpose of the original Mayor’s No Meth Task Force

Disclaimer: The Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force does not endorse any one method or approach to treatment and recovery over another. We hope that the information and resources we provide will help individuals and families make the decisions that are best for them.